Fifty Excuses (Not) To Do Bulletproof Estate Planning – Estate Planning Excuses that Just Might Cost You Everything

Working with a client who was wrongfully conserved and had the resources of her estate drained inspired Elaine to write this book – to help you prevent this from happening in your life.

“It became my passion to get the word out to people that estate planning is so much more than just creating a simple will or a trust because you want your things to go to your kids. We want a good estate plan, a Bulletproof Estate Plan, to protect you, so you can keep making your own decisions during your lifetime – that’s why I wrote the book.”

Perhaps you’ve been putting off your own estate planning, or you know that someone you love is vulnerable. In this book, you will learn

  • Why having a Bulletproof Estate Plan is so critical
  • The importance of using a certified estate planning specialist
  • The reasons you should do your estate planning now

“I sincerely hope that this information will be helpful to you and that you will take the necessary steps that are required in order to protect yourself while you still can.”

Content Sampling

How to find the money to do a proper Estate Plan (page 41)

Why you shouldn’t use an online legal technology company to get Estate Plan (page 49)

How quality Estate Planning can be made quick-and-easy (page 55)

Why Estate Planning self-help books are a big waste of time! (page 88)

Why your intentions written down on a piece of paper is a really bad idea (page 92)

Why doing nothing and expectingyour spouse to take care of your Estate Planning is a recipe for disaster! (page 107)

How to know that you are hiring a qualified Estate Planning attorney (page 114)

Why only making a Will is not sufficient to protect yourself(page 121)

How to deal with your family if they force you to change your Estate Plan (page 126)

The best legal resources available (page 137)