Elaine in the Media

Estate Planning with Integrity – Tahoe.com – Jan 3, 2020

Check out this profile of Elaine and the Andrews Law Firm by Keith Rugg posted at Tahoe.com.

Keith describes Elaine’s qualifications as a Certified Specialist Estate Planning Attorney, and how the personal service she offers make her stand out “at the head of the pack.”


Radio Interview with Kate Delaney – April 16, 2020

Elaine discusses Bulletproof Estate Planning with award-winning radio personality Kate Delaney. They talk about what inspired her book and how her military service as a JAG officer informs her estate planning law practice.

  1. 1:50 Why you need a basic estate plan after you turn 18
  2. 3:08 Plan ahead well in advance while you have legal capacity
  3. 4:42 The story of why Elaine wrote her book
  4. 7:06 How Elaine’s career as a JAG officer guides her practice
  5. 9:20 Seek out a specialist to do your estate planning

Radio Interview with Stu Tayler – July 5, 2016

Elaine’s interview with Stu Taylor, nationally syndicated host of “Stu Taylor on Business”. Stu asks about her (then) just-published book, and they discuss the different aspects of Bulletproof Estate Planning.

  1. 1:27 What is Bulletproof Estate Planning?
  2. 3:14 Make sure you work with a qualified expert
  3. 4:01 When should you begin the process?
  4. 4:51 What are some of the big mistakes people make?
  5. 5:50 Can you fix or change an existing plan?
  6. 6:47 One of the best books of the year!